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History of TACC

Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ is a direct continuation of Christ’s mission on earth. For this reason the history of this Church is traced back to its founder and head of the Church, Jesus Christ the Son of God.

This Apostolic faith emerged in the early 1830’s in England. A Scottish Minister, Edward Irving started preaching to his congregation in London regarding the speedy return of Jesus Christ. In doing so Irving was preparing the way for the rebirth of the Apostles. Irving died in 1835. As a result of his teachings there were prophetic utterances, which led to the appointment of the first modern day Apostles (in much the same way as Apostle Paul had been appointed by God acting through the hand of Ananias). By 1835, 12 Apostles had been appointed which included John Bate Cardale, Henry Dalton, Henry Drummond and others. The movement quickly spread to Europe, particularly to Germany (the northern States), the Netherlands and to Australia with new settlers.

In 1889 after commissioning by Apostle H. F. Niemeyer of Queensland Australia, evangelist Carl Georg Klibbe, a former German Lutheran Pastor arrived in South Africa. He was to begin mission work for the New Apostolic Church. Klibbe was ordained Apostle by letter dated 8 July 1893 by Apostle H F Niemeyer. The community that he founded built their own church in St Georges Road, Southernwood, a residential suburb in East London in the Republic of South Africa.

On Pentecost, 4 June 1906, the first church in Cape Town was dedicated by Apostle Klibbe. Colloquially, this community became known as the German Apostolic Church. In addition to Cape Town, Apostle Klibbe also sent servants of God to Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg. From these towns, servants of God were then sent to other centres such as Grahamstown, King Williams Town and Kimberley.

Apostle Klibbe died on 22 May 1931. He was succeeded by Apostle Ninow who was the first Apostle to appoint a black Apostle, Apostle S. Hlatshwayo in 1953.

Apostle Ninow also anointed Apostle Ndlovu in 1961.

In 1972, Apostle Ndlovu anointed Siqu David Pakathi as an Apostle. In 1978 Apostle Pakhathi in agreement to Apostle Ndlovu formed Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ. This church was registered in 1979. Chief Apostle Pakathi was succeeded by Chief Apostle C Nongqunga in 1995.

Chief Apostle C. Nongqunga leads the church today with an estimated 4,5 million members. Twelve Apostles Church in Christ has its headquarters in East London, South Africa. In recent years Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ has expanded internationally and there are now congregations in many countries, not only in Africa but also in Europe and the United States of America. TACC has church branches in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Nigeria, USA, DRC, Ghana, Benin, India, Ghana and United Kingdom.

TACC in the United Kingdom

TACC in the United Kingdom is a part of TACC International headquartered in East London, South Africa. The community in United Kingdom began early 2000 when brothers and sisters originally from Zimbabwe migrated here and started evangelising and establishing a first community in Erith.

In 2004 Overseer Mncedi Ndzwanana joined the UK community from South Africa. In November 2006 he received the gift ofapostleship in Mthatha South Africa. In February 2007 an additional gift of apostleship was added to the community when Apostle Ngwarati Mashonga also anointed in November 2006 in Mthatha South Africa relocated to the UK from Zimbabwe. In 2010 Apostle Ndzwanana returned to South Africa. Apostle Mashonga currently leads the UK community.