New Here?


Thank you for checking out our website.

Knowing what to expect before going somewhere for the first time can make a big difference. We hope that you plan to visit us on a Sunday in person soon!

We have a number of locations and service options available for you. It would be our pleasure to meet you there and help you find you a great seat to enjoy the service.

What to expect

In our congregation we dress comfortably. Generally female members wear white clothes, a head scarf or hat of your chosen design which are comfortable for you to wear during a church service. Male members wear white shirts, and suitable ties and jackets.  We encourage visitors to dress in what is comfortable to them. 

Our services are mostly one hour long and will not go over two hours.  A Holy Communion service will normally have one added hour for presentations by Sunday school, youth and singing.  A typical service is led by the most senior anointed officer present and will consist of prayer, singing and inspiring messages that will uplift you. We usually start our services by singing. This is followed by an opening prayer by the presiding officer, bible reading and teachings and closing prayer. The sermons are not pre-prepared but are delivered as given by the guidance of the Holy Spirit (revelations of the Holy Spirit for that congregation) and the revelations or guidance which the officer would have got from his senior anointed officer. During the course of the service we usually sing a little more, there can be prophesies in the service. We would love to meet you after service. If you should have any questions, feel free to hang around and ask any of our officers. We hope to see you soon.

Officers of the Church

Chief Apostle, Apostle, Overseer, District Elder, Community Elder, Priest, Deacon and Sub -Deacon


See exactly what our services are like from the video. You can also learn more about our services by watching videos and messages shared on our pages TACC UK on social media.